Elaborate Police Sting Catches J Lo Extortionist
December 28, 2005

Superstar couple Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony have been caught in a frightening real-life extortion plot that might as well have been taken out of a Hollywood movie. Two men allegedly tried to shake the couple down for a million dollars.

In an almost unbelievable crime case, Tito Moses, a convicted murderer, and Steven Wortman, a retired postal employee, allegedly got their hands on Marc and J Lo’s private wedding video.

Us Weekly’s Katrina Szish told us the crooks demanded a million dollars to return the priceless wedding footage. "The wedding video was on Marc's laptop computer and stolen from his car in October," Szish revealed. "It was the ultimate extortion plot, or so these guys thought."

So the superstar couple played along through weeks of top-secret negotiations. Marc Anthony's advisors finally convinced the men to accept $150,000. Little did they know, Jen and Marc were in touch with police and the crooks were walking straight into a trap.

The handoff was set for Tuesday afternoon in Manhattan, but an elaborate police sting was underway, and when the suspects showed up, they got the surprise of their lives.

"The cops were waiting and promptly arrested them," Szish said. "They were so shocked because they thought they were going home with all that money."

Instead, Moses and Wortman may now have to celebrate the New Years behind bars, as Lopez and Anthony enter 2006 breathing in a sigh of relief.

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