Judge Calls Weight Loss a 'Change in Lifestyle'
December 27, 2005

"Divorce Court's" Judge Mablean Ephriam started off the show's seventh season with a new look, tipping the scales of justice on the lighter side.

But just three years ago, Judge Ephriam was dangerously overweight and depressed. "I wouldn't go places because I didn't like the way I looked," she admitted.

Frightened by her family's history of stroke, high blood pressure and diabetes, Ephriam started dropping the weight, and she went from a size 22 to a size 10.

So what's her diet secret? "It's not a diet," she told us. "Think of it as a lifestyle change."

The judge started exercising regularly, eating six small meals a day and avoiding potatoes, pasta, bread, butter and cheese. She ended up donating racks of clothes that no longer fit to victims of Hurricane Katrina, and she can now sprint up stairs that once made her out of breath.

"The biggest compliment now," she said. "It's like, 'Look at that body,' 'Look at those arms.' Judge is cut!"

But Judge Ephriam is the first one to admit, "It's harder committing to this new lifestyle than being a judge. I'm so proud of myself."

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