Sarah Jessica Parker Takes on Controversial New Role
December 27, 2005

"Sex and the City" superstar Sarah Jessica Parker took on a role like you've never seen or heard her in before in her new emotionally-charged movie "Spinning into Butter." "Extra" stopped by the set of the independent film, which tackles racism head on.

"I think it's important to talk about it because it simply exists," Sarah Jessica said. "It's pretty awful to use language like this, but it's not me, and it's such a brave script."

Sarah Jessica, who also produces the film, plays the dean of a New England college who is forced to confront her own prejudices following a hate crime on campus.

Co-star Mykelti Williamson told "Extra" that Sarah Jessica kept apologizing to him between takes for her character's ugly words. "It's extremely uncomfortable," Williamson admitted. "You really have to go there."

Sarah Jessica was not afraid to "go there" with "Extra," as we talked about segregation in the city. "I've had friends that have a very hard time getting cabs, African Americans," she revealed. "I'm doing this movie, and I'm seeing the city that I love. I'm realizing that if I go to a restaurant and it's mostly white people and if somebody of color comes inů."

"Everybody looks," finished "Extra's" Tanika Ray.

"Yeah, and that's pretty unexpected," Sarah Jessica admitted.

"Spinning into Butter" hits theaters next year.

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