Beyoncé Unveils New Fashion Line
December 26 , 2005

With the help of her mom, Tina, Beyoncé Knowles is finally unveiling her new fashion line, called House of Dereon, which is named after her grandmother. And "Extra’s" Tanika Ray spent the day on the set of the star’s new ad campaign.

"The whole theme is taking nothing and turning it into something because that's what my grandmother did with all kinds of fabrics," Beyoncé revealed. "She just turned everything into masterpieces, and that's what my mother does."

And only "Extra" was there for the very first photo shoot. "We’re doing a lot of details, a lot of finished edges, beautiful lace," Tina said.

Beyoncé makes it all look easy, but she has a lot going on, including a new number one album with Destiny’s Child, an upcoming solo CD and rehearsals for the film version of "Dream Girls."

"I'm so nervous and excited and anxious," Beyoncé said of the role. "Definitely Jamie Foxx and Eddie Murphy, and I think Usher is doing it."

The House of Dereon debuts in stores next week.




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