Your 2006 Box Office Preview
December 23, 2005

Capes and the Caribbean, missions and Miami -- get ready for a hot New Year at the movies. "Extra" has your 2006 movie preview, complete with secrets from the sets!

After a long absence from the big screen, "Superman Returns" in 2006 with relative newcomer Brandon Routh as the Man of Steel. The casting choice comes as a surprise to many, considering that several bigger names had been circulating, including Brendan Fraser, Josh Hartnett and even the small-screen "Smallville" Superman Tom Welling.

Halle Berry is back as one of the super women of "X-Men 3," and the Oscar winner confided to "Extra" that there will be major changes in her character Storm in the new flick, like finally using her cape to fly.

Halle told us, "Because I've worn this cape for two movies now, and I never flew, the fans would see me on the street and say, How lame are you? You don't ever fly in the movie."

Meanwhile, Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx take on the super smooth "Miami Vice" roles, in a film that was shot partly in the Dominican Republic.

"There were a lot of nice, beautiful-looking people down in the DR," Foxx said.

Tom Hanks cracks "The Da Vinci Code" in 2006, and get this -- reportedly Russell Crowe had first been considered for the lead. Hanks later won out the role, which reunited him with the team that helped him make a "Splash" back in 1984: Director Ron Howard and Producer Brian Grazer.

"Hanks, Ive worked with, this will be our fourth time," Grazer told us. "Ron and I have worked with him four times."

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are headed to theaters in "The Break Up," the film that allegedly sparked the pairs romance.

Next year also will be a time for super sequels. Tom Cruise has another high-octane "Mission: Impossible." "I want this audience to look at this movie and go, Howd they do it?" Cruise told us.

Johnny Depp brings us the second "Pirates" film in '06, and he revealed to "Extra" that he may just keep the gold teeth. "The funny thing is I dont even notice them," he admitted. "At this point, Im so used to seeing them, brushing your teeth, Oh there they are again."

Looks like 2006 could be pure gold at the box office!


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