Finish Your Holiday Shopping with This Hot New Stuff
December 22, 2005

Michael Weems Glass and Dinnerware -- Maria Shriver and Heather Locklear dine in style with this gorgeous crystal, which is hand carved and hand etched in bold colors and unusual shapes. And the china is just as eye catching; Michael brings an artist's touch to every piece he creates. "I wanted to bring original, signed, dated pieces of art to the table that everyone can use and enjoy," he explains.

Natura Bisse Diamond Ice Lift -- Repair, protect and hydrate your skin with this anti-aging mask that starts off as a gel. The skin-enhancing ingredients are absorbed and then they dry into a thin mask that easily peels off. Bogona San Juan says it tightens and lifts your skin: "Itís very refreshing."

Joann Smyth Pearls and Fine Jewelry -- Each of these gorgeous pieces are made with unusual stones and daring color combinations. Designer Joann Smyth says her jewelry has a one-of-a-kind look. "And you wonít see it everywhere," she adds.


Joann Smyth Jewelry -- 323-951-0635
Natura Bisse Diamond Lift - Neiman Marcus 1-800-365-7989
Michael Weems Collection
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