Farrell Sits Down with ‘Extra’ Days before Entering Rehab
December 22, 2005

In one of his final interviews before going into rehab, Colin Farrell opened up to "Extra" about his latest role in "The New World." Farrell stars as Captain Smith, an English settler who falls for a Native American girl, played by 15-year-old newcomer Q'Orianka Kilcher.

"Smith and Pocahontas were very much in love with each other," Farrell said. "And I think that's portrayed very beautifully in the film. She kind of has a wisdom that’s far beyond her years and a beautiful strength of spirit and an unimaginable gentility about her as well."

But with Colin now in rehab to treat an addiction to prescription painkillers, the cast and crew had to set sail on the rest of the film's promotional tour without their beloved Captain. "My entire family and my heart are with him," Q’Orianka said.

"I miss Colin," added "New World" producer Sarah Green, who says she didn’t see signs of trouble for Colin while filming. "I wish him the best, and I wish he were here to celebrate. Colin was great fun on the set. He kept things very lively."

Farrell thanks the man behind Pocahontas, Terrence Malick, who earned an Oscar nomination for directing "The Thin Red Line," for the way the film turned out. "It was just very fresh, very new," Colin said. "There was a lot of vitality to the way he shot, and it just had an incredible energy."

For Q'Orianka, there was no pressure making the film -- she's just your average 15-year-old girl kissing two of Hollywood’s hottest leading men. "My first kiss was with Colin Farrell," she revealed. "My second was with Christian Bale. It was kind of scary, but both of them were such gentlemen."

Watch Q'Orianka and the gentlemen in action when "The New World" goes into limited release on Christmas Day.


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