Foxx Reveals Secrets from the 'Miami Vice' Set
December 21, 2005

He won an Oscar last year, and this year he's up for a Grammy. Triple threat Jamie Foxx just busted out a hot new CD called "Unpredictable," and he sat down with our AJ Calloway to talk music, movies and so much more.

AJ Calloway: Does your new CD describe you?

Jamie Foxx: "Unpredictable"? I think that describes what happened to me. Who would have predicted that any of this stuff would have happened?

AJ Calloway: Your "Miami Vice" co-star, Colin Farrell, recently went into rehab for an addiction to prescription painkillers. Did you see any signs of addiction while he was on the film?

Jamie Foxx: No, don't let the headlines and all that fool you. All that rehab stuff is all a bunch of hubbub.

AJ Calloway: Have you spoken to him or seen him?

Jamie Foxx: Yeah. He's good, fine. The main thing was the movie's done, we got it finished. It's hot, he's hot.

AJ Calloway: So you've got this new CD out, who's the one woman you'd like to serenade?

Jamie Foxx: Let me tell you something, I saw Halle [Berry]. We were doing this thing for Ebony, myself and Denzel [Washington] were taking a shot with her. And Halle came out, and Denzel and I were literally stuck on stupid because she was so pretty. I said, "Six inches from your face is ridiculous."

You can buy Jamie's new CD "Unpredictable," in stores now.

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