Nick and Jessica Hold Last-Minute Goodbye Meeting
December 19, 2005

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson's divorce is about to be a done deal, and only "Extra" has the all-new Nick and Jess bombshell. A source close to the couple told "Extra" about the hours leading up to Jessica filing for divorce late Friday.

Nick and Jessica had a top-secret final goodbye meeting at her parents' home in Encino, Calif., where Simpson is now living. They met for more than an hour, and although emotional, both decided she would file divorce papers on Friday. They also stated they want to remain friends.

We're also told that Simpson is prepared to give Nick 50 percent of the marital assets.

But's Harvey Levin said this raises a key question. "Fifty percent of what?" he asked. "Jessica is saying privately that she has way less money than anybody is reporting. And the question is whether Nick is going to buy that. If he doesn't, there is going to be a fight."

"Extra" has also uncovered more secrets from inside the divorce documents, in which Simpson sites "irreconcilable differences." Mrs. Lachey wants her name to go back to Jessica Simpson. She's also requesting that Nick not be awarded spousal support.

And now, only "Extra" sets the record straight on today's other explosive rumor.

OK magazine has reportedly offered Nick $300,000 to dish the dirt on the marriage and the breakup. But a source in Nick's camp told "Extra" the story is completely false, adding, "While Nick is disappointed they couldn't save their marriage, he is in good spirits."

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