'Grey's Anatomy' Cast Celebrates Holidays in Style
December 16, 2005

Fresh off their three Golden Globe nominations, the cast of Grey's Anatomy is kicking off the holidays with "Extra."

An elated Sandra Oh celebrated her Best Supporting Actress nod in scrubs, telling us quickly, "Back to surgery!"

Meanwhile, Patrick Dempsey gave us the lowdown on his holiday plans. "I'm really excited for a break," he said. "To get home to Maine and celebrate with the family, I appreciate those moments more than ever right now."

Don't go yet, Patrick! We need to know what the New Year will bring for Dr. McDreamy and his scorned lover Meredith. "These two people are star-crossed lovers at the moment," he said. "They're trying to get through it."

"Extra" also broke news on Seattle Grace's other hot couple: Dr. Burke and Christina. Isaiah Washington told us to expect some role reversal in the couple's future. "I listen to her because she's usually right," he admitted.

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