Aniston Attends 'Rumor Has It' Premiere, No Vince in Sight
December 16, 2005

Jennifer Aniston rocked the red carpet Thursday night in a bombshell black Yves Saint Lauren strapless gown. The actress arrived solo, without boyfriend Vince Vaughn, to the premiere of her new flick, but the star's smile clearly showed how happy she is these days.

Her movie is called "Rumor Has It," and of course, "Extra" had to put Miss Aniston on rumor control. The actress is on the covers and pages of countless magazines right now, with some truly wild stories going around, including one claiming she burned her wedding dress and photos of ex-husband Brad Pitt in a ritual bonfire.

"That did not happen," Aniston insisted.

Jennifer also scoffed at a report claiming that she called Jessica Simpson with comfort and advice after her bust-up with Nick Lachey. "I've never spoken to, not even tried to call, not that I wouldn't, Jessica Simpson," Aniston said. "I don't even know the sweet girl, but my thoughts are with her."

Meanwhile, famed director Rob Reiner told "Extra" how Jen amazingly withstood the media frenzy while they were making the film. "I've never seen anyone with such grace under fire," he insisted.

"She had such beautiful poise," added co-star Mark Ruffalo. "So it's a real credit to her."

Jen told "Extra" she has lived the past year with her head held high, adding, "As it should be."

"Rumor Has It," which also stars Kevin Costner and Shirley MacLaine, hits theaters on Christmas Day.

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