'Extra' Gets Up Close and Personal with 'Kong'
December 14, 2005

King Kong stands at a whopping 24 feet, and "Extra's" taking a closer look at every inch of the furry star to bring you all the secrets from this season's biggest blockbuster hit.

Star Jack Black let us in on his character's little secret, revealing, "With Carl Denim, the character I play in 'King Kong,' he could give a crap about his crew. Half of them could die as long as he gets his shot. He's a sick SOB."

As for the movie itself, shields and spears from the 1933 original film were actually used in the remake. But those props are one of the few things the two films have in common.

The new "King Kong" is a full 87 minutes longer than the original. It also cost 20 times more to make, and King Kong has grown from the original 18-inch figure.

The role of Ann Darrow, which was made famous by Fay Wray, now belongs to Naomi Watts, who let us in on the secret relationship between her and Kong. "It's not sexual," she said. "It's mindful, kind of protective, caring, a gentle love."

So how does Watts stack up against Wray? Naomi is a full two inches taller, and she pocketed $4.99 million more than Wray did for the original.

"Extra's" final "King Kong" secret has to do with Director Peter Jackson's life-long dream to meet Ms. Wray, which he had a chance to do before she died.

"Oh, I cried," Jackson admitted. "It was embarrassing. I mean, I couldn't believe I was standing in the room with someone who was in the 1933 'King Kong.' This was 71 years later."

Jackson actually wanted Wray to utter the movie's last line, "Beauty killed the beast," but she never got that chance.

"King Kong" is now in theaters everywhere.

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