Get Luscious Lips Without the Surgery!
December 13, 2005

Angelina Jolie's full, luscious lips are all natural, but some women turn to injections or surgery to achieve her look. Now there's another option: the new lip plumpers.

"Mean Girls" star Lacey Chabert is kissing and telling how she gets that perfect pout. "This is my absolute favorite product, CITY Lips," she revealed. "The lip glosses are great because they make you look really plump."

CITY Lips contains peptides which stimulates your lips to produce more collagen, creating fuller, softer, younger-looking lips without burning or irritation.

Distinctive Assets' Lash Fary says you can get clear gloss or one of the pucker-perfect colors. "It's a two to four-week process for most people in terms of having the collagen produced," he explained.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Shannon Elizabeth use LipFusion to perk up their kissers. The ouch-free gloss is made with special micro-injected collagen that draws water from your body to your lips. They fill up, looking ripe and round.

Sephora's Lyn Lynch says your lips will have that swollen bee sting look for about 48 hours. "You'll see a difference on your lips within an hour," she said.

City Lips Cosmetics
Lip Fusion
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