Aniston Calls Co-Star 'Guardian Angel'
December 12, 2005

Jennifer Aniston is breaking news to "Extra" about the Hollywood legend who became her guardian angel during her heartbreaking breakup with Brad Pitt.

Aniston said her new best friend is none other than Shirley MacLaine, who plays her grandmother in the new romantic comedy, "Rumor Has It." "We clicked immediately," Aniston said. "I love being her little lapdog."

Jen says Shirley became her trusted adviser (and fortune teller). "She took me under her wing," Aniston said. "I feel like I gained a family member. She predicted I'd have kids. She still doesn't know if I'm going to get married."

So what's the best advice Shirley gave Jen? "It wasn't so much advice as just talking about what she was going through," MacLaine told us. "My God. Can you imagine going through that in public? That scrutiny, that pain, that invasion of privacy, then have to come to work and focus?"

"She doesn't really give a flying hoot what people think," Jen said of Shirley. "I'm getting really good at that. I've had a crash course in it kind of."

Aniston's latest tangle with a frenzied tabloid media came just last week when she filed suit against a peeping paparazzo who snuck topless shots of her outside her own home. She's become paparazzi bait all over again because of her rumored hot romance with Vince Vaughn.

"It's just an irritant," Aniston said. "You just do the best you can in terms of taking precautions. Draw boundaries where you can. Take action when you can."

But Jen willingly posed for some sexy shots in the new issue of GQ, and the superstar had a cover confession for "Extra." "I'd prefer a little less of the boob," she admitted. "I guess one of them slipped through."

There's no doubt Jen looks fabulous, which brings us to one more rumor about the star. Is it true she's on a strict diet six days a week but then lets loose for day seven?

"That's right," Aniston confirmed. "I'll go have a good Mexican meal."

Meanwhile, Aniston is looking forward to an extra special holiday, as "Rumor Has It," opens on Christmas Day.

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