Chip and Pepper Combine Humor and Fashion
December 12, 2005

Chip and Pepper Foster aren't your ordinary surfer-dude identical twins. The California denim kings, who make denim jeans with a modern twist, rake in $30 million a year in sales. "Extra" caught up with dynamic duo in Manhattan, where they just opened their flagship store, expanding their namesake line to jackets, belts and high-end college wear.

"It took us 18 years to get here, so it's very, very, very exciting," the brothers said.

Chip and Pepper's star supporters include Bruce Springsteen, Jessica Simpson, Usher, Uma Thurman, Jessica Alba and even Eva Longoria.

So what makes their jeans so special? Everything is hand done. Each pair is hand washed and worn, stitched, sewn and stamped with its own serial number. But these jeans don't come cheap; they each have a price tag ranging from $175 to $280.

"You pay for what you get here," they insisted. "We really have put our heart and soul into this."

In fact, the twins add their sense of humor to their jeans with names like "The Walk of Shame," which refers to a hot date night that turns into the next morning.

"You always look good at 7 a.m. walking home," they laughed. "You might get some action on the way home after you had some action!"



Chip & Pepper Denim
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