Brett Butler Makes Big Return to the Small Screen
December 6, 2005

Christmas is coming early on "My Name is Earl" and there's a must-see family reunion to start the holidays off on the right foot. Only "Extra" was on the set for Brett Butler's return to primetime, where she'll play mom to Jaime Pressly's character Joy.

"She's a woman pretending to undergo dialysis and to be a paraplegic in order to gamble at the dog tracks," Butler said of her character. "So I just love her."

There was plenty of love to go around when Pressly visited our set to rave about her TV mom. "She's amazing," Pressly told us. "I'm just excited we got her."

"I didn't have time to do the roots of my hair, but it works for the character," Butler added. "This is costume hair by the way."

Brett still has that sense of humor that made her an overnight sensation in the early 1990's as star of her own sitcom "Grace Under Fire."

It's been seven years since Butler fell from "Grace." ABC cancelled the show in 1998 during Brett's highly-publicized bouts with drugs and depression, but today, the comedienne told "Extra" her greatest accomplishment is, "Being straight for seven years."

"To see that she overcame the problems that she had and came right back to work with a smile on her face was really impressive," Pressly said.

"I'm really glad to be here," Butler insisted. "I can't stand glistening-eyed celebrity survivors, but I sort of am one, so I apologize for that."

Don't miss Brett's must-see "My Name is Earl" debut, Tuesday night on NBC.

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