'King Kong' Takes over New York City
December 6, 2005

New York went ape as "King Kong" returned to his old stomping grounds for Monday night's premiere of the new adventure epic. The all-star cast even got up to some monkey business with Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who officially declared it "King Kong Day."

The spotlight, however, was on beautiful leading lady Naomi Watts, who called the film, "A very pure love story."

Her boyfriend Liev Schreiber had another opinion: "I hope she realizes this is a boy movie," he said. "Because I've got a feeling she might think it's a girl movie. But it's not, it's a boy movie."

"It shouldn't be thought of as solely a guy movie at all," Watts insisted. "The guys should definitely take the chicks. And the chicks should see it just for me."

Meanwhile, Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson arrived with a truly ugly beast on his arm: the original King Kong from 1933. "He's my date for the night," Jackson said.

"Kong" co-star Jack Black also dressed up for the occasion, wearing a tux. "It did take ‘King Kong,'" he admitted. "I don't wear tuxes."

Also at the premiere were the Trumps, Will Farrell, Glenn Close and Tim Robbins. You can catch the new "King Kong" when it hits cinemas December 14th.

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