After 16 Years, Oprah Appears on 'Letterman'
December 2, 2005

David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey took a surprise walk on Broadway together Thursday night after a dramatic reunion on his show, and America watched as the Queen of Daytime and the King of Late Night officially ended their so-called 16-year feud.

Later, Oprah confided to "Extra," "He was so gracious, I didn't know what to say."

Thursday marked Oprah's third appearance on Letterman, having declined repeated offers to return after Dave once made fun of her and Uma Thurman at the Oscars. So as a gag present, Oprah presented Dave with an autographed photograph of her and Uma.

"Tonight I really liked him," Winfrey said. "It was blown out of proportion, but I liked him."

After Oprah made Letterman's night, she attended the opening of "The Color Purple," which is Oprah's own stage production of the movie that won her an Oscar nod 20 years ago. Dave personally escorted her to the theater, which is located just doors from his own studios.

Oprah's longtime boyfriend Stedman Graham arrived to the premiere separately, but he was bursting with pride after her appearance on "Letterman." "She was unbelievable," Steadman said. "I think the feud is over."

On the red carpet, Oprah revealed to our Tanika Ray how she prepared for Letterman: "I decided after I'd gone in the bathroom, sat down and meditated before, and said, ‘Whatever happens, it will be okay, and then I'll be at the premiere.'"

The play's co-producer Quincy Jones, who also produced the movie, was among the night's famous attendees.

Other guests included Oscar winner Sidney Poitier, Angela Bassett, David Bowie, supermodel Naomi Campbell, the Trumps, Diddy and Jamie Foxx.

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