Nick's 'Other Woman' Rates Him as a Kisser
December 3, 2005

"Extra" has more from our exclusive interview with the girl who claims she spent an intimate night with Nick Lachey during his marriage to Jessica Simpson.

Danielle Calo has landed right in the middle of Nick and Jessica's split. Yesterday, the sexy brunette told our Carlos Diaz that she spent an evening locking lips with Nick. Now, Danielle is making a public apology to Jessica for fooling around with her husband.

"I'd say I'm sorry," Calo said. "If my husband did it, I would consider it cheating."

The 19-year-old Ohio college coed sparked a flurry of tabloid headlines after meeting Lachey at a high school football game in Columbus, Ohio, and allegedly going to his hotel room, where she said, "We hung out and just kissed."

Now on to the question every girl wants to know: on a scale from one to 10, how would Danielle rate Nick as a kisser? "Oh, about an eight or a nine," Calo said. "I don't know."

Calo told us that she and Nick did not have sex, adding, "I said to him, 'If you think I'm that kind of girl, I'm not.'"

Danielle also revealed that her college sweetheart, an Ohio State football player, dumped her because of the scandal. "It happened, and a lot of publicity started coming out about it," she explained.

But despite all that has happened, Calo holds no hard feelings toward Nick. "I would just be nice to him," Calo said if she saw Nick again. "And tell him if he's ever in Columbus, say hi."

Meanwhile, "Extra" spotted Nick back in Los Angeles Wednesday, where a close source insisted Danielle's story is nonsense.

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