Jackson Is 'Exhausted' From Making Big Budget 'King Kong'
December 1, 2005

Before Hollywood had action heroes like Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe, there was King Kong. Now, the 25-foot gorilla is back in a big way, thanks to "Lord of the Rings" movie mastermind Peter Jackson.

"It's been just about the hardest thing I've ever done in my life," Jackson admitted. "I think it's so much more complex and technical than I somehow imagined it would be."

The multi-Oscar winning director looks like "The Biggest Loser" these days. He's dropped an amazing 70 pounds. "I feel terrible," Jackson admitted. "I wanted to feel fit. I mean I really worked hard at getting fit to make this movie. But now I'm absolutely shattered and exhausted."

Jackson's 3-hour "King Kong" had a budget of $207 million, and the computer-generated effects are dazzling, down to the tiniest details.

The blonde beauty to King Kong's beast is the electrifying Naomi Watts, who shines in the role made famous by Fay Wray. The public-shy Watts told us that even after the big-time flick comes out, she thinks, "I can hide. People never recognize me."

Like her friend Nicole Kidman, Naomi is very protective of her private life. She is currently dating actor Liev Schreiber, and Watts revealed one thing she learned from Kidman.

"It's not like she sat me down and gave me the big movie star pep talk," Watts said. "I see how she handles it, and it's with a huge amount of grace."

In the film, Oscar winner Adrien Brody plays a screenwriter who falls for Naomi's actress character and competes with Kong for her love. "It's a beautiful story," Brody insisted.

Peter Jackson's "King Kong" roars into theaters December 14th. To see the "King Kong" trailer, click here.



Click to see the 'King Kong' trailer
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