A Slimmed Down Kirstie Alley Steps Out
November 6, 2006

The sexy and stunning Kirstie Alley is ready for her big reveal in an itsy-bitsy teeny bikini on Oprah, after the actress shed a remarkable 75 pounds.

Kirstie kept her year-long promise and gave Oprah the ultimate reveal of her body after a drastic Jenny Craig diet, witnessed by the world.

But once the cameras stopped rolling on Oprah’s set, “Extra” uncovered some secrets that the former “Fat Actress” didn’t dish to Miss O about going from 220 pounds to 145 pounds.

“I’m sort of into the game of working on it and getting back to looking like I'd want to look,” she said. Kirstie first told “Extra” she was jumping aboard the Jenny Craig diet two years ago, but she admitted she did sometimes cheat.

However, a steady diet of exercise kept her on track.

“A lot of dance, yoga and circuit training,” Kirstie dished.

Then, there was this “Extra” bombshell: “I did not have sex for four years,” the actress confessed.

But thanks to her svelte frame, Kirstie admits on her website that she’s now back in the mood!

“If I like the way I look in a bikini,” she writes, “I will be able to have my attention on my boyfriend.”

As for her decision to strut her new figure on international television, Kirstie revealed it was no publicity stunt; rather, she did it to inspire other women.

“We can decide to change anything at any age,” she encouraged. “I’m 55 years old!”

Congrats, Kirstie, on your spectacular success!

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