Kirstie Alley is Bikini Ready
November 3, 2006

A slimmer and trimmer Kirstie Alley is hitting the stores with girlfriends Kathy Najimy and Leah Remini.

What’s the occasion? On Monday, the former “Fat Actress” will unveil her new look on “Oprah” in a bikini, keeping the promise she made one year ago.

Kirstie’s reveal is one of the most anticipated in weight loss history, as Ms. Alley strips down in front of Oprah’s audience!

The beloved actress announced her weight loss goal last year on “Extra,” revealing her goal is, “About 80 pounds. That was my incredibly stupid idea.”

Stupid or not, it was a big idea. And that meant going from a hefty 219 to a svelte 139 pounds in one year!

Thanks to Jenny Craig and a newly implanted exercise regime, Kirstie focused on her 1989 figure and brought it back one pound at a time.

“Don’t expect Giselle,” Kirstie joked of her transformation. “I didn’t look like Giselle when I was 20, so I’m not expecting to look like Giselle now.”


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