DeGeneres Reveals Struggle to Quit Smoking
November 8, 2005

TVís first lady of comedy is talking only to "Extra" about her soul-baring People magazine interview, which bares the headline "Ellen Tells All!"

"You know, I'm a pretty honest person," DeGeneres told our Jon Kelley. "I talked about a lot of stuff that I really haven't talked about before."

In the interview, DeGeneres discusses some pretty heavy topics, including the painful chapter from her childhood when she was molested by her stepfather.

"Not that I like to talk about stuff that is unpleasant in my life, but I think it helps other people," DeGeneres told us. "Especially kids need to hear that it's okay, that you need to talk to people."

DeGeneres also opened up about another struggle in her life: giving up smoking. "Iím doing it cold turkey," she admitted. "I try to work out and take deep breaths to see what it feels like to take deep breaths of clean air, not in Los Angeles; I have to go someplace else for it."

DeGeneres, who has been in showbiz for 25 years, has been a smash hit on her daytime talk show, winning nine Emmys. "There's been a lot that has happened," she said. "You know, good and bad. Itís been like you said, quite a ride. Itís been a really good ride."

Tune in as Ellen takes her show on the road to New York. And this week, she welcomes superstar celebrities Jennifer Aniston, Paul McCartney and Martha Stewart. And after that -- itís Ellenís 400th show, so stay tuned!

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