Couples News: Jen Calls Talking to Brad 'Peaceful'
November 8, 2005

Jennifer Aniston made a stunning revelation to Diane Sawyer Tuesday morning. "Do I talk to Brad? Yes we do, I do," she said.

In an exclusive interview with Sawyer, Aniston cleared up the biggest myth about her relationship with Brad Pitt. "It's a very peaceful thing," the actress said. "That's what's so unfortunate. You know people want it to be this war, this mean, terrible, shallow thing that is just some soap opera storyline, and it's just not."

But the question that everyone asked, while Jen was out and about promoting her new movie, "Derailed," related to Vince Vaughn.

"Next question please," Aniston responded when Sawyer asked about Vince. "The pictures are pictures. He's my friend, absolutely dear friend."

And Aniston told Sawyer she's not looking back, insisting, "Hearts mend."

In other couples news, according to MTV Europe, Halle Berry is expecting. The report claims the Oscar-winning actress and her boyfriend, Michael Ealy, whom Berry met on the set of "Their Eyes Were Watching God," have a baby on the way. But is it true?

No word yet; Berry's people are not talking about the rumor.

Meanwhile, Christina Aguilera tried to keep quiet about her upcoming wedding during a South African charity gig, but it didn't take long before the singer spilled the beans.

"It's going to be a destination wedding," she revealed. "It's over a span of three days where each night has a certain theme. I could describe the whole thing as very magical."

And a very pregnant Katie Holmes got a little taste of parenthood this weekend, cheering on Tom Cruise's daughter Isabella during her soccer game. But has Katie already become a soccer stepmother, by way of a secret wedding ceremony?

The answer is no. According to Cruise's people, the couple will be getting married, but not right now.

Country goddess Faith Hill rewarded honky tonk husband Tim McGraw with a little more than just a statue Monday night. McGraw managed to steal a victory kiss in front of the Nashville crowd as he was recognized for his outstanding achievements in the creative community.

It may look like a wedding ring on Cameron Diaz's left hand, but don't be fooled. The actress sported a matching piece of hardware on her other hand as well when "Extra" sat down with her back in September.

"Extra" caught up with Diaz Monday night rocking what looked like the same piece of jewelry at the London premiere of "In Her Shoes," where Justin Timberlake's main squeeze was very quick to dismiss any talk of "I do's." Tuesday, Diaz's reps told us she is not engaged.

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