Roy Hopes to Return to the Stage with Siegfried
November 7, 2005

A beaming Siegfried looked on as his partner Roy Horn enjoyed a standing ovation Sunday night in Branson, Missouri. The night marked a rare public appearance for the master illusionists, who came out to watch their protégé, Darren Romeo, perform.

In one of their only interviews since Roy's accident, the two made stunning news. "We're not history yet," Roy promised.

In fact, Siegfried and Roy revealed to "Extra" that watching Romeo inspired them to return to the stage. "It's in my mind," Siegfried admitted.

Horn told us he's feeling "wonderful," adding, "My doctor assured me that I'm better than 10 horses."

It's been two years since a tiger mauled Roy on stage. And back then, Siegfried was just praying for his partner to live. But Roy, despite the scar running down his neck, is starting to look and sound like his old self.

"I was supposed to be dead," Roy insisted. "I'm looking pretty good."

Siegfried also wanted to set the record straight with "Extra" about a lawsuit filed by a former bodyguard in which he made the claim that Siegfried overmedicated Roy. "I don't take it too seriously," Siegfried said. "He has to finish it up and make a fool out of himself."

For now, the master illusionists have other things on their mind: Roy's miraculous recovery and a possible return to the stage.

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