On the Record with Jennifer Lopez
November 4, 2005

She's stunning, stylish and sexy, but if you think you know Jennifer Lopez -- get ready to see the lovely Latina like you've never seen her before.

Only "Extra" was with a laid-back Ms. Lopez as she styled the new ad campaign for her J Lo and Sweetface fashion lines, along with her Fashion Director Gina Rizzo and husband Marc Anthony helping out off camera.

With her clothes selling like crazy, Lopez revealed she loves her busy new life as a happily-married fashion mogul. But believe it or not, even with all of her success there is still one thing the star longs for.

"Because of my movie career I haven't toured much," she said. "I haven't really had the pleasure of really performing for my fans and touring and stuff like that."

Even though she's passionate about all of her projects, this mega-movie star admitted she was deeply moved while shooting her new movie "Bordertown," which was shot on location in Mexican factory towns.

"They hire mostly women workers because they're easier to deal with, easier to handle," Lopez revealed.

"Bordertown" deals with the mysterious real-life murders of more than 350 women. "We show up at the courthouse at the end and all these people were shouting ‘Justicia,’ which means justice," Lopez revealed. "And it was so moving. It was so like we just remembered why we were making the movie."

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