Tom Talks Wedding Plans, Baby and Scientology
November 30, 2005

"Extra" was the only show asked to join superstar Tom Cruise on the Shanghai set of "Mission: Impossible 3," and you can bet when we got the invite, we packed our bags right away for China.

Like always, Tom didn't disappoint, taking time to greet fans who waited five hours for a glimpse of the superstar. He sat down with our Jon Kelley to share how Katie and the future member of the Cruise family have changed his life.

Jon Kelley: I want to know, guy to guy, when you first heard Katie was pregnant, what piece of furniture did you jump on?

Tom Cruise: No, I jumped on the roof! It's beautiful, and she looks, she's even more beautiful. She's glowing.

JK: Do you want to know before the birth if it's a boy or a girl?

TC: Oh yeah, oh yeah, absolutely. I just want to know. I've waited months already. I'm ready. I went out and bought the newest sonogram machine. I'm a filmmaker, so I've got the see the dailies.

JK: And how are the dailies coming?

TC: They're beautiful, they're spectacular.

JK: What were your children's reactions when you first told them there was going to be another one on the way?

TC: Oh, they were excited. They were just so happy. How can you not, to have a little brother or sister? It's really exciting because the kids are all older now.

JK: So they understand it?

TC: Yeah, absolutely, and everyone's so excited. I've created these seminars for them so they understand what's happening, and it's been really fun. You just kind of see the lights turn on even more.

JK: Is it true that in The Church of Scientology, the mother is not allowed to make noise while giving birth?

TC: It's all about the mother and the baby, and just being there to support them in a very calm and quiet manner. That's what it is, that's really all the silent birth is. It's nothing where, if the mother's going to make noise, she's going to make noise. That's going to happen. But everyone else should just keep their mouth shut and focus on the woman, the baby.

JK: Can you set the record straight, are you guys married yet?

TC: No.

JK: So how is all that coming together? What's the toughest part for you to plan this? You doing the movies and the pregnancy?

TC: I don't think any of it is tough. I really think all of it is just very exciting.

JK: Tell Katie congratulations, I send my heart.

TC: Thanks for coming, Jon.

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