Will George Engage in a 'Housewife' Proposal?
November 3, 2005

Bree and George are heating up the small screen this week on "Desperate Housewives," and rumor has it that the sneaky pharmacist pops the question.

"There seems to be some lip-locking going on," said Roger Bart, who plays George on "Housewives." "We check into a hotel, and it is with great hope that I am able to have it be an eventful evening of passion."

George's blossoming romance with the merry widow of Wisteria Lane has turned Roger into the TV villain viewers most love to hate. "I was at a stoplight yesterday and two people looked outside of their mini-van window and with a heavy French accent said, 'My wife thinks you are a horrible person,'" Bart admitted. "That's typical!"

But Bart isn't surprised that Bree has, so far, managed to resist his charms. "I'm such a loser," he laughed.

But how does Roger really feel about Marcia? "It's not really her," he said. "But get that hair up in a bun, and she's just a puritanical crazy. No matter what she does, she is undeniably sexy. And she says the same about me."

See more of the "Desperate Housewives" twists and turns, Sunday night on ABC.




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