Woman Claims She Had a Fling with Lachey
November 28, 2005

The world spent the weekend buzzing about Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's split. Now, photos of Nick with a beautiful brunette mystery woman are raising even more questions.

Danielle Calo, 19, claims the picture was taken just hours before she and Nick shared a passionate night inside his hotel room.

Calo first made the allegations in Star magazine, claiming that Nick approached her at a Columbus, Ohio, football game. The coed says Nick invited her to his room and put the moves on her. She says they made out, but she stopped Nick before things went too far.

The magazine says Calo passed a polygraph test, but Nick has denied her story, and just two days later, he and Jessica were together singing the national anthem in Washington D.C. So the question remains: did the alleged tryst lead to Nick and Jessica's split?

Us Weekly's Dina Sansing said that Nick and Jessica's separation came at the last minute, the night before Thanksgiving. "It's not easy for your relationship to thrive when everyone's suggesting maybe someone else is involved," Sansing said.

Soon after, Simpson flew home to Texas, where "Extra" spotted her this weekend getting support from her sister, father and the rest of her family.

Jessica is now back in Los Angeles where Nick reportedly stayed over Thanksgiving hanging out with friends. While he didn't appear on ESPN's College GameDay this weekend, "Extra" has learned that Nick is working on a new sitcom, in which he'll play a baseball star involved in a new marriage.

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