Lifehouse Looks Back on a Successful Year
November 24, 2005

Their single "You and Me" has been number one on the top 40 chart for 10 weeks and counting, and their latest album has already gone gold. There's no doubt the rock band Lifehouse has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, and as their manager (and "Extra's" resident music critic) Jude Cole is giving thanks as well to the band's members, Jason Wade, Rick Woolstenhulme and Bryce Soderberg. Here's part of what happened when Jude sat down with the band:

Lifehouse: It blows my mind that the reality is I get to do this for a living.

Jude Cole: Out of all the success you've had, tell me the greatest moment about having me as your manager?

Lifehouse: You know what, I will say this, Jude, I feel very grateful that you actually know how to play music. We meet a lot of bands on the road, and we get to see their managers and one thing I am glad is you don't wear the leather pants, which all the other managers wear. That's one of our favorite things about you. You don't wear leather pants and say, "Hey babe."

Jude Cole: Talk about the new DVD you have out.

Lifehouse: We have a new DVD out. It's got all six of our music videos, and it has six or seven that we recorded live in Portland.

Jude Cole: And since I'm the manager I've got to mention the DVD is out in stores now and it includes the video for their latest single, "Blind."

Lifehouse: This video was probably one of the coolest because we didn't have to do any of the work.

To buy Lifehouse's new DVD, click here.

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