John Mayer Explains New Sound
November 3, 2005

John Mayer is saying so long to playing solo, at least for now. As he expands from pop, the music that made him famous, Mayer is moving into blues and soul, and he's sharing the stage with legendary drummer Steve Jordan and bassist Pino Palladino for their first album called "Try."

But why the change? "Extra's" music critic Jude Cole caught up with John in New York City to find out.

John Mayer: There's no reason to explain why I would do a blues album, it doesn't matter. It's all called music, and hopefully people will start to associate my having made the music with a certain level of authenticity and excitement.

Jude Cole: So creatively speaking, this was just something you needed to do?

JM: That style of music, that acoustic pop jangly, groovy thing, I don't know how much longer I would have stayed in it. I want to do this blues thing but be as popular as or more popular than I was before.

JC: So you're afraid of becoming or being perceived as someone who's really in it for pop success?

JM: I love playing guitar too much, and I'm far too invested in it to let anything happen in my life that would take the focus off of it. I had this Hilary Duff dream where we were hanging out at this pool, and she was using me as a pool chair, just chilling on me. In my dream I said to her, "You have to get off me, we do different things." I couldn't even have fun in my dream!

"Try" is in stores now, and fans can expect another solo CD next spring.

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