Oprah Ends Cold War with Letterman
November 22, 2005

She's the guest David Letterman has wanted to get for over a decade, and on Monday night, Dave made the big announcement on his show: "Do you have any idea why we have this giant photograph of the giant of television? Thursday, December 1st, Oprah will be on our program."

The event marks an end to the 16-year feud between the Queen of Daytime and the King of Late Night. The last time Oprah was on Letterman's show was May 2, 1989. Since then she has said didn't like being the butt of Dave's jokes.

At the International Emmy Awards in New York Monday night, Hillary Rodham Clinton presented Oprah with the Founder's Award, and Winfrey revealed why she finally said yes to Dave. "There never was a feud," she insisted. "I'm happy to go on. There's no better time to do it."

Oprah will be a guest on Letterman's show on the night "The Color Purple," which she is producing, opens on Broadway. "It's going to be the Super Bowl of love," Letterman promised.

Oprah also voiced her support for Senator Clinton on Monday, giving her thumbs up for a presidential bid. "I hope you do us a favor and run for office," Winfrey said.

With the holidays upon us, the Queen of Talk revealed that this Thanksgiving she won't be running from the kitchen. "I'm making a turkey," she said. "I'm cooking, and I'm having friends over."

Catch Oprah and Dave's big reunion on Letterman in just nine days!

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