Supermodels Unite to Share Beauty Secrets
November 2, 2005

She's smart, sexy and one of the most beautiful supermodels in the world. Now "Extra" gets the lowdown straight from Tyra Banks, as she lets the world in on her top-secret beauty tips.

"My secret is actually Vaseline," Banks revealed. "I wash my face, and I moisturize. Then I put Vaseline under my eyes."

Tyra is talking beauty to prepare for Thursday's "Tyra Banks Show," which includes a booty-shaking, no-holds-barred look at supermodels gone wild!

Only "Extra" got a sneak peek of Tyra's supreme court of supermodels: Beverly Johnson, Heidi Klum, Rachel Hunter and Alessandro Ambrosio, all sharing their beauty secrets.

Ageless wonder Beverly Johnson revealed that one pill a day is what keeps her metabolism going. "I cannot go without my Star Caps," she said. "It's been on the market for 15 years, and I don't leave home without it."

Star Caps is an herbal supplement that helps keep the weight off.

Meanwhile, exfoliating keeps Rachel Hunter camera ready. "It takes eight minutes," she explained. "You stick it on, you take it off; it takes that roughness off your skin."

Heidi Klum had this tip for long and lovely lashes: "After [curling your lashes] a few times, you just have to get the lashes in there and keep going."

The wide-eyed Banks had one more tip to remember: "Anybody can go out and buy white eyeliner and use it to make your eyes look 10 times bigger and brighter. They make me look like I'm a doll and a virgin."

Check out all the supermodel beauty secrets, Thursday on "The Tyra Banks Show."

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