Are Children in Ellen DeGeneres' Future?
November 2, 2005

She has danced and joked her way into America's heart, but now, Ellen DeGeneres is baring her soul to People magazine, telling all about everything from her hit talk show to her childhood to her desire to start a family.

"Ellen thinks she'll do it soon, so she's not tripping over toys when she's 60," revealed Cynthia Sanz, People's assistant managing editor.

Sanz also set the record straight about rumors that DeGeneres wants to buy Brad and Jen's old Beverly Hills mansion. "They're talking about buying a house," Sanz said. "But Brad and Jen's is probably just too famous and too big and too expensive for them."

In the article, Ellen also talks about the darkest chapter of her life: when she was 16, she was abused by her stepdad. "The stepfather kept denying it and saying Ellen was exaggerating," Sanz revealed. "And her mother actually stayed with him for another 10 years, and that obviously hurt Ellen. And they've actually been able to patch things up since then."

These days, DeGeneres leads a charmed life. Her daytime TV show has won nine Emmys, and on Thursday's show, she surprises her audience by taking them on a tour of all the Warner Brothers' sets.

"Nothing like a live show to get the adrenaline going," DeGeneres insisted.

So for Ellen, it's definitely a life filled with love, success and plenty to dance about.

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