Tyra Banks Faces Off with Naomi Campbell on TV
November 17, 2005

It's the nastiest catfight on the catwalk: Tyra Banks vs. Naomi Campbell. The feud between the supermodels has been simmering for 14 years. And now for the first time, after all the backstabbing, Banks and Campbell face off on Tyra's hit talk show.

Tyra revealed, only to "Extra," how she believes the whole feud got started: "In the fashion community there is an unwritten, but a spoken, rule that there can only be one top black model at the time."

"The press is saying, 'Move over Naomi. Here is your replacement,'" Tyra recalled. "'She is younger than you. You better move over.' And I don't think she responded so great to that."

Friday, in a brutally honest confrontation, an emotional Tyra relives one of several ugly encounters with Naomi in which the two did a photo shoot together when she began her career.

"You turned," Tyra told Naomi on the show. "You went from the sweetest woman that was giving me vitamins to someone who terrified me on that trip."

The feud is so painful and personal that for the first time, Tyra did her show without a studio audience. "It has to be just me and Naomi alone," Tyra explained. "I've never really talked about Naomi publicly, ever."

See the showdown, Friday on "The Tyra Banks Show."

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