Anna Nicole, J. Howard Marshall Tape Surfaces
November 17, 2005

"Extra" has the never-before-seen images and sounds of billionaire J. Howard Marshall, whose candid appearance on tape could cost Anna Nicole Smith nearly a half billion dollars.

The video was shot inside what was once Anna Nicole's sprawling 15-acre ranch just outside of Houston on Christmas morning, 1992.

Separated by 63 years, but united for their first Christmas together, J. Howard Marshall opens a string of unusual chachkes from Anna Nicole.

Then, Anna Nicole gets down to business, saying, "Go ahead, Howard, start talking. What you told me last night."

In a shocking turn of events, Anna Nicole then urges J. Howard to deliver a last will and testament on videotape, stating, "I, Howard Marshall, being of disposing mind, express this, my last will and testament. I love you."

As the video rolls on, J. Howard says, "And everything else that I have ever given her."

Elaine Tabers, Anna Nicole's aunt, came straight to "Extra" with the video will, in which J. Howard does not promise Anna Nicole half of his fortune.

"I heard him say he wanted her taken care of," Tabers said. "And he wanted her to have things she never had. Many times he said that."

"[The tape] seemed like an inappropriate time," Tabers continued. "Christmas morning, opening gifts."

Tabers said she and her husband saw plenty of surreal scenes play out while they lived with Anna Nicole at her ranch for nearly two years. They even served as unofficial photographers at J. Howard and Anna Nicole's secret wedding.

While Tabers said she does not consider Anna Nicole a gold digger, she did say, "I think it was like putting a child in a candy store and saying, 'Here's all this candy, get whatever you want. You can have as much as you want for as long as you want.'"

Now, Tabers' video of J. Howard's Christmas will and testament could end up closing that candy store forever. Anna Nicole is headed for a showdown in the U.S. Supreme Court against Pierce Marshall, J. Howard's son. At stake is the $474 million that Anna Nicole says was promised to her by J. Howard.

But so far, there is no video of that comment.

Tabers does not think Anna Nicole deserves half of the money, and she thinks the court will agree. "Pierce will spend every bit of it fighting her in court and nobody will have any," she said. "He has his own money, and he will spend what was left I believe before he lets her have it."

Tabers also told us about a "pre-honeymoon" trip the couple took, during which J. Howard got an early wedding gift when the one-time topless dancer surprised him in his room.

"She came out about 30 minutes afterward and the nurse went in to check on him, and she comes to the door and says, 'Ya'll need to come help me,'" Tabers recalled. "And we're going, 'Oh God, is he dead?' We walked in and his pajamas had been ripped open and the buttons were all over the floor, and he was passed out."

Tabers said that while living in Anna Nicole's guest house for two years, she and her husband saw bizarre scene after bizarre scene, like Anna Nicole piloting her octogenarian husband around on an ATV on the front driveway.

They even videotaped J. Howard's Christmas morning will, as well as Anna Nicole's bawdy sex gift given right in front of her young son.

As to how Howard acted with his young wife, Tabers said, "Silly, I mean he would call and say, 'I need to talk to the love of my life.' He said so many times, 'Whatever she wants.' It didn't matter. She brought out the kid in him. I think he loved it. It was a different side he never had in his life because he was so business-like."

Tabers also said that she doesn't believe Anna Nicole intended to marry Howard for his money. "From the time I met J. Howard, I don't know how many times I heard, 'Won't you marry me,'" she revealed. "She would say no."

When J. Howard finally did convince Anna Nicole to take his hand, she gave her aunt just four days to arrange the entire thing. "She wanted a heart-shaped cake, it had to be three tiered," Tabers revealed. "It was just the wedding party. J. Howard did not want [his family] there. It was an agreement between them two that they didn't want anybody else. My feeling was Pierce would have stopped it, and J. Howard knew that."

But there was no stopping J Howard. And what Anna Nicole wanted next was perhaps the most shocking of all: a baby by her billionaire 89-year-old husband.

"She wanted a little girl," Tabers revealed. "J. Howard agreed that it would be fine with him, and he would love to have a child with her, and the question was, 'Could he have children.' So my husband went with him and he actually had a sperm count done, and he was able to have children. He was still able to produce."

So why were there no offspring? Only Anna Nicole knows the answer to that question.

Friday on "Extra," we've got Anna Nicole's message about her marriage, and what she thinks about our shocking video.

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