Plane Crash Wreaks Havoc in 'ER'
November 17, 2005

The "ER" docs have their hands full Thursday night with a plane crash, and only "Extra" was in the disaster zone, where we discovered that this made-for-TV disaster even freaked out the stars of the show.

"This plane crash looks so real," guest star Serena Williams said.

"Yeah, it's quite a set," John Stamos added.

The celebrated tennis champ plays a distraught mother whose child is trapped in a blazing building after a crippled jetliner plunges to the ground. And Stamos continues his recurring role as a hero paramedic who is first on the scene with series regular Parminder Nagra.

"I'm yelling at John Stamos, which is really exciting," Williams revealed. "And he is telling me to calm down. I'm like, ‘'I can't calm down because my son is in the building.'"

"And the building explodes," Stamos added. "And I get hurt."

Stamos told us the accident is something the "ER" producers apparently forgot to tell him before he signed up for the gig. "Smash, cut to me like on a gurney with my leg busted up and they cut my stomach open," Stamos told us. "They put their hands on my liver. It's a whole…' who talked me into this?'"

But Williams told us she loves the action and drama of the episode, saying, "I'm all bloody, and I am going to get bloodier. It's going to be a blast. I'm excited about this."

"I think it's probably one of the largest sets we've entertained in the show in the 12 years I've been affiliated with it," said the show's director and executive producer Chris Chulack.

See the special plane crash episode of "ER" Thursday night on NBC.



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