Breaking Beauty News: The New Botox
November 16, 2005

Loose your wrinkles at lunch! Get a facelift on the fly! New Injectibles are the hottest new trend to hit the Hollywood beauty circuit, and we've got all the details.

Myobloc is an injectable, new strain of Botchulism, and some are saying it's better than Botox in eliminating wrinkles, crows feet and frown lines. Los Angeles dermatologist to the stars, Joshua Wieder, has been injecting former Botox patients with Myobloc.

Why the switch? "Myobloc definitely kicks in faster," he revealed.

Not only does Myobloc flatten wrinkles in a day, there's virtually no swelling, so patients can go right back to work.

Wieder also says that frequent Botox users are becoming immune. "They may be resistant to Botox, and they'll get a nice response to Myobloc," he explained.

If a non-surgical alternative to the face lift is what you're after, Restylane SubQ, an injectable Hyaluronic acid, may be your answer.

"A physician trained to use this product can create cheeks for someone," Dr. Leonard Grossman said. "They can create a chin that's absent. They can correct a deformity of a nose."

Unlike the old Restylane, which is used to fill laugh lines and wrinkles, Grossman explained that each molecule of Restylane SubQ is four and a half times larger than the original, which makes it last much longer. The product is expected to be in the U.S. soon. It's already a big hit in Europe.

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