Steve-O Flaunts Bag of Pot in Front of LAPD
November 15, 2005

The entertainment news Web site,, is breaking news about "Jackass" star Steve-O. TMZ found the MTV star in front of a hip Hollywood night club saying, "I've been smoking pot all night."

Then, just 90 seconds later, Steve-O brazenly approached the LAPD. The officers acknowledged seeing Steve-O with pot. But then he was seen exchanging high fives with the officers.

After a brief exchange, Steve-O walked away, no questions asked. When TMZ asked Steve-O what the exchange was about, he responded, "Ah, it's cool man. They just wanted to make sure I didn't have that weed anymore."

We showed TMZ's exclusive video to LAPD Captain Michael Moriarty who was not jumping for joy. "I'm not happy with the content of the video," he said. "Or the officers' action, or lack thereof."

Steve-O apparently thinks he has a license to light up. Just one week later, he did the same thing in front of the same night spot.

The LAPD is now investigating the way the officers handled the situation. Police are also investigating another exclusive TMZ video, which shows Paris Hilton's boyfriend crashing a Bentley into a parked car.

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