Keira Knightly's Wardrobe Malfunction?
November 11, 2005

The rumors never end in Hollywood. Luckily, "Extra" is here to set the record straight! So from Jennifer Aniston to a possible wardrobe malfunction, here's your latest edition of Rumor Control.

Her father Paul McCartney started a revolution, but did fashion queen Stella McCartney start an international retail stampede?

Yes -- It was an all-out free for all as frenzied shoppers ravaged through H&M clothing stores around the world. From Germany to New York, shoppers hoped to get a piece of Stella's newest line of discounted clothing, modeled after more expensive designs worn by stars like Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Meanwhile, was British bombshell Keira Knightley the latest victim of the dreaded wardrobe malfunction?

Yes -- It happened at the New York premiere of the actress's new movie "Pride & Prejudice," where Knightley's strapless dress dipped a little too far. But Keira quickly covered up and carried on like a true professional.

Ellen DeGeneres made Jennifer Aniston feel right at home on her show Friday, but is it true that the hilarious talk show host was about to buy Jen and Brad Pitt's Beverly Hills mansion?

No -- Ellen may have checked out the place, but when it came down to the details, she wasn't really interested.

"When I was thinking about buying your house, I wanted your dog to come with it," Ellen joked on her show. "And you wouldn't give me the dog, and so I said, 'Never mind.'"

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