Booted 'Biggest Loser' Is Big Winner in the End
November 3, 2005

Pete Thomas may have just been booted from NBC's "The Biggest Loser," but he's revealing to "Extra" why the hit show literally saved his life.

When the 6-foot-5-inches tall Pete joined "The Biggest Loser," he tipped the scales at a whopping 401 pounds, stating, "My belly looks like I'm pregnant with quadruplets." But after hardcore dieting and exercising, Pete is 140 pounds lighter and a changed man.

"I feel like the show saved my life," Pete admitted. "I absolutely feel great."

Pete used to eat super-sized portions of eggs, sausage, hamburger, fries, pasta, popcorn and chocolate, which added up to 4,500 calories a day! To lose the weight, he dropped to 1,900 calories a day and began eating lean chicken, meat and veggies.

"They taught me the basics about calories in and calories out," he explained.

After the show, Pete taught his wife, Pam, everything he learned. She's now lost 50 pounds and counting.

But Pete's road to reduction hasn't been easy. He grew up in foster homes and never learned good eating habits. After settling into married life, the pounds started creeping on. Food became the focus of their lives.

"I think we just pigged out all the time, and we really didn't know it," Pete said. "Now we watch what we're eating together."

Pete and Pam also exercise together. The Michigan couple just ran their first half marathon. "When I crossed the finish line for the half marathon," Pam related. "He hugged me, and he whispered in my ear, 'Did you ever think we would get here? We've just run 13 miles, Pam.' It was just so awesome."

As a real estate investor, Pete is now more effective, happier and healthier. And Pam told us, "You know his saying now is, 'Pam, our future is so bright that we have to wear sunglasses.'"

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