Jen Aniston's Sex Scene Secrets Revealed
November 3, 2005

Jennifer Aniston is getting hot and heavy with two sexy men in her new thriller, and our Tanika Ray hooked up with the devilish duo of Clive Owen and Vincent Cassel for some "Derailed" kiss and tell!

Owen, who nabbed an Oscar nomination for his role as Julia Roberts' husband in "Closer," dished some of the real secrets behind the on-camera kisses.

So is it true that no tongue is always the rule? "Not always," Owen admitted. "You'll have to see the movie."

But it seems one of Aniston's men was a little rough on her body in some very physical scenes. "Yes, I got some bruises," the actress revealed. "On my legs, look, it wasn't pretty."

So is Owen or Cassel to blame for the marks?

"No, not from me," Owen said.

"Not with me," Cassel added.

Both the dashing Brit and charming Frenchman denied being the culprit, and each made his case to "Extra."

"No, because I am always very careful," Cassel said. "Especially with women, you can't hurt an actress."

Cassel also offered to provide a star witness for the defense: his own wife, the beautiful Monica Bellucci, who has made nearly a dozen movies with him

So if you want to know who does what to whom in "Derailed," you'll have to wait until the nail-biting thriller opens November 11th.

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