Small Town Girl
November 4, 2004

From the country stage to the pop charts, Shania Twain is still the one to watch. Now, she's releasing her first greatest hits collection -- including a brand new duet, "Party For Two," featuring another music legend -- our very own Mark McGrath (the "legend" part was his idea).

Mark got a chance to catch up with the lovely Shania and find out about her past and how she reacts to her own sexy image. But first things first...

"You can duet with anyone in the world," Mark asked "Why me?"

"I know, that's a good question," laughed Shania. "No, it's 'why not you?' You have a great voice really."

But making beautiful music barely scratches the surface of Shania. She grew up in rural Canada, lives with husband and producer Mutt Lange in a castle in Europe, and even has her own memorabilia museum. Did she ever think music would create all these opportunities? "No I didn't," she admitted. "My goals were so humble in the beginning."

And for good reason, Shania grew up poor and then put her career on hold at 22, to raise her siblings when her parents died in a tragic car accident.

"Our family struggled a lot in so many domestic ways," Shania remembered. "Just trying to survive, without going to social services and saying, 'Hey, we haven't had any groceries in three weeks, we're starving.' Obviously music was salvation. Music was my drug, that was my drug, my huge escape."

That escape has led to three Grammys, enough groceries to last a lifetime and one of the sexiest images in the music industry. But you might be surprised by Shania's own perception of herself.

"The sexy part is not me at all," she insisted. "I am definitely more the girl next door. So if I am looking very sexy and controlled and together I am putting it on; I am trying really hard."

She may have the world fooled, but Shania told Mark that, on a basketball court, or even better, near a pool table, she proves just what a small town girl she is. "I'm definitely the kind of person that hangs better with guys than I do with girls," she confirmed. "Basketball and pool. I used to play for money; five bucks a shot. I could clear the table."

She may have left the pool hall behind, but when it comes to hits, she's still great at racking them up.

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