Nicole Richie’s Weekend Emergency?
October 30, 2006

It’s not easy to be Nicole Richie, especially when every move you make is feverishly noted, including when you reportedly pass out and fall to the floor.

That’s exactly what reports happened to the “Simple Life” socialite at Los Angeles nightclub Hyde Sunday morning, just days after Nicole decided to undergo diagnostic treatment to determine why she can’t gain weight.

According to several sources, the club offered to call an ambulance for Nicole, but her friends insisted she was fine and carried her out the back door.

While Richie’s spokeswoman confirmed she made the rounds at Hyde, she denied reports that Richie collapsed.

“No passing out, no collapsing, no drama. It’s ridiculous. She is doing well,” Nicole’s spokesperson said. 

Whatever truth lays behind the club’s exclusive doors, “American Idol” sweethearts Katharine McPhee and Kelly Clarkson, who both battled eating disorders, are offering Nicole their support.

“If she needs any help, I could sure find her good people that I got help from,” McPhee suggested.

“There are too many concerns in the world that are much bigger than how much you weigh,” Clarkson added.

As the obsessive quest to lose weight continues to curse Hollywood, it is also the subject of an upcoming HBO documentary, “Thin.”

Watch the so-called Hollywood syndrome shed light everywhere, when “Thin” premieres on Nov. 14.


Nicole Richie’s Weight Crisis
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