A Shrinking Nicole Cries Out for Help
October 27, 2006

A super-skinny Nicole Richie has entered a treatment center for her dangerously shrinking body.

On Friday night, Nicole’s father, superstar Lionel Richie, told us about his fears for his daughter’s health.

“Every time I say I’m worried about her, she says, ‘Get over it, Dad. Keep moving,’” he shared.

On Thursday night, Nicole’s BFF Paris Hilton was tight-lipped in Hollywood, but here’s what “Extra” uncovered.

Nicole checked herself into a private treatment center in Los Angeles late Thursday to work with doctors and specialists focused on nutrition to find out why she’s not gaining weight.

“This is not a treatment for an eating disorder,” Nicole’s publicist clarified Friday.

A wafer-thin Nicole initially sparked fears about her health when paparazzi spotted her itsy-bitsy body in an itsy-teeny bikini this August.

But Nicole addressed the wide-spread concern on “The Tyra Banks Show,” and dished how it felt to be scrutinized about her shrinking size.

“It’s horrible,” Richie said. “Especially when you are trying to do something about it, and you have just so many eyes watching you.”

Hours after the news broke, Hollywood was reaching out to Nicole. At New York’s star-studded Visionary Awards, Anne Hathaway said, “That’s what’s really unhealthy; we’re a weight-obsessed society.”

“Reba” co-star Scarlett Pomers, who recently went public about her battle with anorexia, added, “You can get through it. It’s tough, it’s scary; but you can come out on top.”

Nicole’s decision to enter a treatment facility has put production of “The Simple Life” on hold, while this young star tries to treat this not so “Simple” problem.


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