‘Dancing with the Stars’ Down to Final Four
October 25, 2006

It’s down to the final four on “Dancing with the Stars,” and the fierce competitors brought their A-game to the dance floor Tuesday night.

Football great Emmitt Smith scored, Joey Lawrence soared and Jerry Springer roared back from last week’s disastrous dance.

After the show, we asked Springer about his comparison to Fred Astaire.

“But he’s dead,” Jerry said. “So the comparison is from a cartoon to a fellow who passed away several years ago!”

Even marvelous Mario Lopez and his partner, Karina, channeled a bit of old Hollywood when the “Dancing” starlet wore a Marilyn Monroe wig.

“She looked good as a blonde, huh?” Mario said.

While Mario dedicated his dance moves to his new niece, Joey carried his daughter’s love on his arm with a fake tattoo.

But will this tattoo be a permanent fix?

“I’m going to get it,” Joey said. “I just wanted to test it out because it’s my daughter’s name, so I just wanted to see it.”

Monique Coleman, who is the last woman standing on the show, came to “Extra” with her partner, Louis, to show off their moves.

“It’s amazing, you know,” Monique admitted. “I never could’ve imagined being one to four. It’s a crazy, crazy time.”

The teen idol from Disney’s “High School Musical” dropped a bombshell last week when she told “Extra” the judges were sexist.

“We have to split, bend over backwards, touch our toes to our heads to get recognized,” Monique ranted. “And the man can just walk out of there, sit down and have a women dance around them.”

When we showed Monique and Louis Judge Bruno’s outraged reaction, which was, “It’s absolute nonsense,” Louis didn’t back down.

“What Bruno is saying, I think that’s rubbish,” Louis said. “The man leads, the woman follows. That is so old fashioned.”

See if Louis gets the last word, as “Dancing with the Stars” tangos back to TV Wednesday night on ABC.


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