Hollywood Awards Light up Los Angeles
October 24, 2006

The red carpet was buzzing Monday night in what was Hollywood's biggest night since the Oscars, also known as the 10th Annual Hollywood Awards gala.

A hand-holding Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore snuck in, a flashing Robin Williams turned out and a stunning Sandra Bullock showed off a fiery Angel Sanchez dress.

Also on hand for the big night was Sharon Stone, who coupled up with Christian Slater to celebrate their Best Ensemble win for their new movie, "Bobby."

"It was so exciting because we started the movie with three actors," Sharon told us. "And every day someone new came; someone new, someone excting. And every time we opened the door, there was someone new, saying, ‘I'll be me and I'm here and I'm just giving myself to this.'"

Sharon, who has adopted three children (and counting), applauded Madonna for trying to adopt a child in Africa.

"I think that's just great," Sharon said.

Spanish beauty Penélope Cruz, who was dressed in a Chanel tuxedo, brought her childhood best friend to the big event.

"She just said we look like a couple, and that I look like the man," Cruz joked, before snagging the top acting award for her upcoming film, "Volver."

Meanwhile, the Supporting Actress Award went to leading lady Sandra Bullock for "Infamous."

"I'm proud, I'm not afraid to say it," Sandra said of her big win.

Jennifer Garner looked gorgeous in a Grecian gown, and she helped husband Ben Affleck celebrate his big screen return in "Hollywoodland."

But with his return, does Ben feel like a comeback king?

"I haven't done a movie in two years, and this movie turned out pretty well, so that's nice," Affleck admitted. "I'm a little bit older, I'm sort of more mature now. I think I have a little more perspective on things. And I'm willing to enjoy the nice things and not get too carried away."

As for the rumors that Affleck is ready to run for political office, he played it cool when he talked with our Tanika Ray.

"Ten years down the road, I am going to be a correspondent for ‘Extra,'" the actor told us.

While Ben played it coy, Robin Williams was straight up funny about being honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

"Yeah, it's good to have that while you're alive," Robin joked.


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