Sara Evans Prepares for Courtroom Showdown
October 24, 2006

Sara Evans is gearing up for Thursday's courtroom showdown with her estranged husband.

We spotted the embattled country star leaving her attorney's office in Nashville, where Sara requested psychological tests for both herself and her husband, Craig Schelske.

Sara's soon-to-be ex will ask the judge to lift the restraining order against him so he can see his children once again. 

On Tuesday, we uncovered a lost video of Sara's benefit fashion show, with "Dancing" partner Tony Dovolani, to help people with eating disorders, a cause she championed for her friend-turned-rival, former nanny Alison Clinton.

Alison's husband spoke out on Tuesday about the toll the scandal is taking on his wife, who is currently down to a dangerous 79 pounds.

"When I took those vows, I said for better, for worse," Clinton's husband, Chris Lee, said.

Lee also told "Extra's" Carlos Diaz that his marriage is stronger than ever, but he warned his wife about suffering a relapse.

"This is going to make your recovery that much more difficult," Lee told her. "It's your life at stake."

Meanwhile, "Extra" breaks more Nashville news, as we share what Keith Urban said about his blushing bride, Nicole Kidman, just before entering rehab.

In October's Interview magazine, Keith revealed that both he and Nicole had cold feet about their relationship before they married.

"I think we were struggling with a bit of, ‘Are we doing the right thing?'" Keith admitted.

On Tuesday, a sober Courtney Love commended the country star's decision to seek help.

"Good for him. It's great for him to face up to that," Love said. "Good luck."


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