Sara Evans' Husband Fights Back
October 20, 2006

Country star Sara Evans was out and about in Nashville Friday for a mystery meeting, while her estranged husband made his first moves in court.

In the all-new papers obtained by "Extra," Craig Schelske vehemently denies Sara's claims that he cheated with their nanny, Alison Clinton. He even offered to take a polygraph test to maintain his innocence.

Regarding her allegations, Craig deemed them a "form of harassment," embarrassment and said that she's out for publicity.
"Extra" was first with the exclusive results from the nanny's lie detector test, revealing she passed.

Meanwhile, the women at the center of the firestorm came straight to our Carlos Diaz to tell the world why she's going public.

"This is truly me just crying out, 'Sara, do the right thing,'" Clinton admitted.

But on Friday night, we discovered Sara's got a country legend in her corner: singer Tanya Tucker.

Tucker has survived her share of bitter breakups, and only on "Extra," the single 48-year-old mother of three revealed she's fighting mad over Sara's allegedly philandering husband.

"He deserves a good couple of (punches)," Tucker revealed, demonstrating her moves.

Tanya invited us into her mansion outside of Nashville, where the one-time country wild-child told us she's followed every Sara Evans twist and turn, but is assured she will come out on top.

"She's probably going to find somebody on down the road, that she's going to say, 'Oh my gosh, I should've waited for this!'" Tanya said.

While Sara's "Achy Breaky" heart is on the mend, Tanya is encouraging her to get out on the town for a little fun!

"If she ever wants to go out on girls' night out sometime, c'mon Sara, I'll take you out and show you a good time," she promised.

And that may be just what Sara needs as the scandal continues to build around the country music sweetheart.


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