Another Wild Night on ‘Dancing with the Stars'
October 19, 2006

Wild doesn't even begin to describe this week's "Dancing with the Stars."

But the results show shocker wasn't Joey falling into the bottom two or Jerry joining him in the "Dancing" death box: the big surprise was who took their final bow.

"Neither of you," the audience and dancers found out together.

"It was a huge surprise, the producers didn't tell anyone," Judge Carrie Ann revealed.

"I think it was only fair. I think Sara voluntarily had to go home this week; you don't want to throw off the whole competition," Joey explained.

The news had a stunned Jerry Springer collapsing on the dance floor.

"Here's the best thing that happened," Jerry said. "Whatever outfit you're wearing when you're voted off, you get to keep. Thank God I wasn't voted off today!"

Superstar Lionel Richie kept the crowd dancing "All Night Long," before revealing to our Tanika Ray that he'd be willing to waltz his way onto the show next season.

"I would do it, but the only thing I know how to do is Commodore moves, got that thing down pat. Other than that, that ballroom, that's over," Lionel said.

But after the lights went down, all the attention turned to rumors of romance as co-host Tom Bergeron told the ladies of "The View" what's really going on.

"They will deny it, but of course they are," Bergeron said of the swirling suspicions that Mario and Karina or Willa and Maksim are heating up more than the dance floor!

So who's two-stepping with whom? Find out next week on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars."


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